Pumped up mascara
Pumped up mascara

Pumped up mascara

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Pumped Up Mascara is Scott’s ultra moisturizing, glossy black, all day waterproof mascara miracle. This is the mascara people swear by. With a special mix of polysaccharides, castor oil, and calendula extract to protect your lashes, Pumped Up delivers a rich protective volume while easily separating lashes. This formula provides your eyelashes with an absolutely luscious panoramic finish. The best part, this special formula works wonders on false lashes too without any performance loss by maintaining a glossy rich finish. It is a false lash miracle mascara as well. This is Scott’s go to.


Use like traditional mascara application by brushing the wand with the lashes from the lash base. You can also apply it like Scott by making small wipes and smudges horizontally with the eye line to get a rich base before swiping up.

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