Scott Barnes - Sculpting and contour
Scott Barnes - Sculpting and contour

Scott Barnes - Sculpting and contour

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The Scott Barnes Sculpting and Contour Palette is truly a work of art. Inspired by Scott’s fine arts background, Sculpting and Contour is the artists dream. Incredible colors carefully positioned for mixing new combinations gives the user extreme flexibility to shape and feather even the strongest color contours into a seamless silky bliss. Many contour palettes prioritize luma, the brightness or darkness, whereas Scott’s prioritizes the chroma, the color information, the misplaced priority on most contour palettes. With a strong understanding of all skin types and shades, Scott has masterfully crafted a contour palette that is truly a ‘cut’ above. With extremely minimal fallout and kickback on the brush, high color payoff, and being blending friendly, Sculpting and Contour gives contour lovers a surgical tool they didn’t realize they’ve been missing.




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