Scott Barnes - Soleil bronzer - Bondi Beach

Scott Barnes - Soleil bronzer - Bondi Beach

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You know it’s not summer until you’ve got that sun-kissed glow. Enter: Scott’s artfully XXL crafted powder bronzer, available in two hues: Bondi Beach, for golden tones, and Sicilian Sun, for warmer reddish tones. Each luxe pan features a sun motif embossed with the SB logo. Use this ultra-blendable bronzer to toast the edges and create a more three-dimensional look to the spots where the sun naturally hits you—to create that flush of fabulous bronze.


Use 67 brush to apply bronzer in a three motion around the outside perimeter of your face. Be sure to hit the top of your hairline, across the cheek bone and underneath the jawline to add toasted definition.

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